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Virtual Business Cards for Your Business

Fri, April 01, 2011 9:12 AM | Ranelle Maltas (Administrator)
If you are a regular reader of this column, you’ll know that I’m cheap. I like free and hate to pay for things. Many things I find I try the free version and if I get a lot of benefit, I’ll go ahead and pay for the full version. I just did that today with two Android apps for my phone. But in other cases, the free version is just good enough.

This brings me to my story. I do computer training on the side. My full-time job doesn’t leave room for lots of extra work, so I don’t put a lot of effort into selling my part-time work. Since I don’t make a lot of money, I don’t want to invest much, either. But when people want to learn more about me or my services, I don’t have a website to direct people to. To help give myself an online presence in the absence of a website, I found a virtual business card I can attach to my social networking sites and email signatures. I use BusinesCard2.com, but it’s not the only online business card option out there. However, I found it looks really good and the free version offers a lot.

On this card, you can have a picture, contact information, your bio, what you offer, links to social networking, videos and files. I haven’t taken the time to make an introductory video, but I plan to someday. It would be nice for people to “meet” me before they really do. I also thought about making videos of customer testimony to link to as well. That would make for a nice sell of me and my services.

If you want to check out my card, go ahead. You can find it at http://ctrlaltgeek.businesscard2.com. I also have it posted on my ASTD-Lincoln profile page. I hope to see yours there soon, too!
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