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Curating quality development/tech resources

Tue, March 01, 2016 9:00 AM | Ranelle Maltas (Administrator)

If you remember last month's post, Up Your Presentations with These Resources, I mentioned a great site for presentation information, https://presentations.zeef.com/tmiket. As I was poking around on the links of this page, I began to discover this is more than just a page full of great resources. It's more like a social bookmarking site. Last March, I wrote a blog post on Visual Bookmarking for Resources where I highlighted Symbaloo.com. This reminds me of something like that, but I love the layout and design. There is also a link to make suggestions back to the page owner for additions. This site is called ZEEF.com, and their vision statement describes what they do best:  All the best resources for development & technology, split up in categorized lists. That’s what you’ll find on ZEEF. Hand-picked by our community members and grown with your suggestions.

I logged in and created an account. I also created a page full of the resources I've mentioned in this blog through the years. I went to publish and found that it had to be reviewed before it was made public.  A few hours later, I received an email that my page was approved and live. Although I was a little sad how it was reworded to work tools, I'm still glad it's live and active for all of you. It's nice to have the tech tools I've blogged about listed with links all on one page. Well, at least those that are still active. I did find a few from years back that are no longer around. Oh well, that's technology for you!

Over the past month since I created my page, I've received a few emails whenever someone subscribed to my page. Also, I've received notice when the page I'm following updated/add links on their page. And, just yesterday I received an email letting me know that one of links on my page was broken so I could fix it. I'm so glad I don't have to remember to test my links every so often just to keep them active. I love this feature. I will definitely be adding to this page as I blog about more tools and resources for you.

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