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Guidebook, a digital program guide

Fri, November 06, 2015 10:30 AM | Ranelle Maltas (Administrator)

My apologies for the late post. October was a blur. I did get to attend a great conference the last week of October. I'm not going to share the things I learned, but instead I'll share the technology they used. When I arrived for the conference, I checked in and all they handed my was my name tag. Next, they asked if I had downloaded the program guide app. I had. Everything was in there, a map of the venue, updated schedules, contacts of attendees, session surveys, etc. When there was a room change at the last minute, a notice was pushed through the app. When one of the handouts didn't work, a quick note to the organizers was soon followed by an update and I could then download the handout.

The app was created using Guidebook. I have found there is a free version (my favorite adjective) and paid versions. I've been playing with it and started to create an app for a conference I'm hosting next year. Next, I started one for a weekend-long reunion next fall. I was having so much fun, I totally forgot to write this post. It is so incredibly easy. No instructions are needed, although they have a great support page. Once you choose the template, you choose and arrange the features (icons) as they would appear on the mobile device. Just click an icon to edit and fill with information. When you are ready, publish it. Please note that once published, you cannot edit the dates of the event, so be sure everything is set in stone before you publish.

Guidebook provides templates, but you can start from scratch. Here are some of templates and ideas of how you could use them. I can't wait to use this next year!


  • Student Handbook - use for a company handbook or job description/handbook
  • Homecoming - use for large company when people come to tour the home facility
  • Career Fair
  • Campus Guide - if you have a large campus, use for new employees to learn to navigate around
  • New Student Orientation - use for new employee orientation


  • Museum
  • Community Center
  • Park or Landmar


  • Music Festival
  • Arts and Crafts Fair
  • Wedding
  • Film Festival
  • Conference and Tradeshow - you don't need an idea for this one, the name says it all

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