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Create Videos with Animoto.com

Thu, July 02, 2015 3:05 PM | Ranelle Maltas (Administrator)

What, huh?! It's the beginning of another month. I promised an article and here I am late. So sorry! I've been armpit deep in end of fiscal year reports on our training activities and completely lost track of time. Pie charts, spreadsheets, data, data, data…. UGH! I hate this part of my job. I sit at my desk with the office door closed for two days pulling data from various services then filtering and sorting and rearranging until I get the data I need. I really wanted to share a cool tool called Animoto with you, but got caught up in reports.

Then, it hit me. Why can't I put my fiscal year in review report in Animoto? Since I couldn't think of a good excuse, I did it. It's a super short summary version, but here my annual report. Imagine using it to market a new training program you're rolling out. Or maybe a short and fun review of key points for training already delivered. Oh, the possibilities! Here's my quick introduction about myself. I use it for those webinars I teach as my "bio" since I don't get the chance to chat with them before or after class like I do for face to face training.

It is super simple to use. Just add pictures or video in your timeline. Use captions if you like or create a text only "slide" for headings. Produce and share. That's it!

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