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ASTD TechKnowledge Backchannel (and the power of social media)

Wed, February 05, 2014 9:27 AM | Ranelle Maltas (Administrator)

This month's post has two themes. I cannot separate them into two posts because they are so intertwined. Social media is designed to blended into the learning, not separated from it. First theme: the power of social media and what you can learn from it. Second theme: what we can all learn from the social media backchannel of ASTD TechKnowledge 2014 (ASTDTK14) held January 22-24 in Las Vegas.

For those attending ASTDTK14, the social media backchannel becomes the hallway conversations. It is the sharing of notes taken in sessions. It is the personal commentary, story-telling and application of what was learned. For those of us not attending, it is hearing the buzzwords and topics that others in our field are talking about. It is the sharing of notes for a session we were not able to attend. It is the personal commentary, story-telling and ideas of how to apply what others learned.

The following information is from HR Marketer Insight at https://insight.hrmarketer.com/InsightReport/astdTK14/. This made it tons easier for me to go back and catch up on tweets and resources I missed while following the conference via Twitter. Usually I do a hashtag search and find interesting tweets with links to resources and personal blogs and save the shortcut links in a folder. Then I try find people or topics that were frequently retweeted, giving me an idea as to what people found meaningful or insightful. This site saved me a bunch of research by pulling it all together for me.

So, here it is! From a total of 4,889 tweets, here are the top trending topics and articles from #ASTDTK14. Happy learning!

Top trending topics linked to from tweets using #astdTK14 hashtag:

  1. mobile learning
  2. gamification
  3. social learning
  4. Social search
  5. learning technologies
  6. assessments
  7. Instructional Design
  8. Learning Technology
  9. digital learning
  10. workplace learning

Top 10 articles linked to from tweets using #astdTK14 hashtag:

  1. ASTD TechKnowledge 2014 Conference Backchannel: Curated Resources #ASTDTK14 (58 tweets)
  2. Twitter for Learning Professionals - Soup to Nuts: Resources shared at #ASTDTK14 (34 tweets)
  3. Why You Need a PLN, and How to Develop One: Resources Shared at #ASTDTK14 (31 tweets)
  4. 6 Lessons from the Trenches of Digital Learning Game Design at #ASTDTK14 (26 tweets)
  5. #ASTDTK14 Slides and Resources Karl Kapp (24 tweets)
  6. Putting Curation to Work at Your Organization: Curated Resources from #ASTDTK14 (23 tweets)
  7. Four Ways to Make Interactivity Count (20 tweets)
  8. image uploaded by @LearnNuggets (Kevin Thorn) (16 tweets)
  9. ASTD 2014 TK Backchannel (13 tweets)
  10. There were 13 tied for this spot.

If any of you were able to attend in person, please use the comment section below to share. 

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