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Create Custom Online Courses using Teachem.com

Tue, September 03, 2013 12:52 PM | Ranelle Maltas (Administrator)

This is so cool! I just created a course using a string of lessons from Guru Ji on how to use the IF formula in Microsoft Excel. He has a wonderful Facebook page that I follow and a YouTube channel I subscribe to. You can also visit his web site, mylesson.org. Most of the lessons are in multiple parts and sometimes I want to share the entire course together as one. To make it better, I want to add notes to clarify certain areas or I want flash cards to ask questions.


Here is where I use Teachem.com. Registration is required to create a course, but it's free. You build a course based on a series of videos from YouTube. Use the flashcards to add notes or ask questions. The note will highlight at the time in the video where you typed it. If you ask a question, the viewer just needs to click the turned up corner to "flip" the card over for the answer.


Learners also have the ability to take their own notes while watching the course using the SmartNote system. SmartNotes and flash cards can be emailed to others and the flashcards can be shared via Twitter or Facebook.


If you want to view the course I created, click here. I plan on using this fun and easy way to create online learning for so much more. So glad I found this tool!

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