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Pipe on Facebook to transfer files

Fri, June 07, 2013 10:13 AM | Ranelle Maltas (Administrator)

Released this week was the Pipe app on Facebook. I've been waiting for this to release for almost a year. It's a cool tool that will allow you to transfer a file to a friend on Facebook.

Keep in mind that this is a file TRANSFER application and will NOT STORE your files. Once the recipient has downloaded the file, it's gone from the app. Moral of the story:  pay attention to the file name and where you save it when using Pipe.


Unfortunately, I cannot use the app as my Facebook Page. I must be a personal user to use the app. But, there are times where people I interact with and are friends with on Facebook ask me for a handout from the last ASTD-Lincoln presentation I did. Sometimes, I attended a meeting and took notes and a friend would like a copy since they were not able to go. They may not have my e-mail address to contact me, but get a hold of me on Facebook. Here is where Pipe comes in. Even is the person I'm sharing with is not on Pipe, I can still send them the file. The recipient will need to add the Pipe app to get the file, but it will wait for them in their locker. They will receive a message telling them about the file. If you already have the app, you'll get a notice of a file waiting for you, much like a game request.


I can see coaches using this to share information with their clients. Consultants could send quotes or contracts to potential clients. My favorite use will be for those people I network with at UNL who I have a passing conversation with and later ask for follow-up information about something we talked about. Yes, it happens. I usually need a prompt from them because I tend to lose requests out of my head whenever I pass through a door way. Anyone else do that?


Since this is so new, I'll have to wait and see how handy it comes in for me. Give a try and feel free to leave a comment below and let me know how you like it and use it.

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