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Get Organized with OneNote

Thu, February 28, 2013 3:29 PM | Ranelle Maltas (Administrator)

Seriously?! It's the end of February and nobody noticed I haven't made a post yet all year? Thank goodness I was demonstrating how to use Microsoft OneNote to get and stay organized. I love the features of connecting to my Outlook calendar meetings and tasks. As I was showing how to make subpages, I used the section in my notebook where I keep all my ASTD-Lincoln Technology in Training blog posts as an example and BAM! No entries for 2013. Well, here's another lesson for you. When the new year begins, don't forget to update all your reminders.


Focus, Ranelle. Get back on track.


Do you have a notebook to keep things in? Instructions on how to do something, handouts from the last ASTD meeting, your own notes from the last ASTD meeting? I used to keep a file in my drawer for one thing, another file for other things and a notebook for even more things. If you could keep it in a notebook or file, you can keep it in OneNote. I can then store it on a network drive or on the web (like SkyDrive) to share with others.


OneNote comes with the Microsoft Office Suite, so you may have it installed but didn't know what to do with it. My favorite feature is the organization. Yes, I'm an organization freak. I keep one notebook for all my training services. That is where I keep the PDF of our service agreement, the email with the confirmation code and password, and the entire Word file that is the getting started guide. I can then share this with anyone on my team that needs this information.


Next, I love that I have OneNote on my laptop, iPad and Android phone. When at a conference, we toured a multimedia training room. I took notes on the features and attached the PowerPoint presentation they used. Then, I opened OneNote on my phone and took pictures that were added to the page. I was also able to use my phone to make a video of the tour and embed that as well.


So, it's great for organizing training program stuff, but can it help in training? Yes. It can not only be the training manual, but if you give each person a copy, they can add their own notes, too. You can create sections with different topics or levels and include videos which is sometimes much more helpful than words and pictures alone. If you need an example, check out the Microsoft Office training notebook (all in OneNote). It's the perfect 21st century training manual.

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