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Where has the time gone?

Thu, December 13, 2012 2:26 PM | Ranelle Maltas (Administrator)

With the end of the world (according to the Mayan calendar) quickly approaching, I find myself reflecting on the posts I have done for the ASTD-Lincoln Tech in Training. I wanted more of a visual timeline instead of the list I keep, so I found this super-easy, online and FREE option called, timetoast.com. Here's my posts on the timeline. I put this together in about 15 minutes, without reading a manual or watching a lengthy tutorial. Now that it's done, I see gaps where I forgot/neglected to post. Oops. I'll make it my New Year's resolution to do better.


With it being so easy, I thought I could use timetoast.com to track training initiatives and programs. You can add events (with pictures, descriptions and links) and time spans. I could then share the timeline with stakeholders, my supervisor, etc. So many ideas for me. I'm going to have to create a timeline just for creating different timelines.


There are many more options for creating timelines. I found on EdTechTeacher.org a great table of options. Their webpage is geared toward the K-12 technology teachers, but a great list and I've shared it with you below.




Usefulness Rating


Ease-of-Use Rating


Free tool that allows text and images in each timeline entry. Also provides an embed code for each timeline.

Example: Moon Landings




Free: Students can create a personal timeline, invite others to collaborate, share & embed the final product. Intended for individual timeline, but students could create one for a historical figure.




Free & Beta: Great tool, yet still in beta. Images & links for each event, timelines can be embedded. Unique feature: new events can be added to multiple timelines & timelines are printable. Outstanding interface, visually appealing to use.

Example: New York Times



ReadWriteThink Timeline

No sign in or account needed. Extremely easy to navigate and enter events. Timelines can be printed when finished & timelines can be edited while working, but work is not saved.




Free & Beta: A permanent URL is created for each timeline. There are three privacy settings and discussion below each timeline. Unique features: events can be tagged and a source URL can be provided.

Example: History of Cell Phones




Visually appealing, image based timeline creator. Unique Feature: Video, images, mp3, word, excel, PowerPoint & pdf can be uploaded. Events can be “stacked” on the timeline. Timelines can be edited and shared. The most visually appealing timeline tool.

Example: Battle of Shiloh



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