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 Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts.

It is about one life influencing another.

— John C. Maxwell [Tweet This]  

April Event Highlights


Making Your Passion Your Work

Dallas Schilling presented an evening to remember and enjoy by hosting the ATD learning event, Making your Passion Your Work.  Clearly, Dallas’ passion shone through as he began revealing the challenges, struggles, and successes that come with being an entrepreneur, brewer, vintner, and restaurateur. 

Talent development comes in many forms, and Dallas shared a glimpse into the inner workings at his Fallbrook SchillingBridge restaurant.  Both he and his sister, Kelly Bletscher, co-own with a 50/50 split.  Dallas is active in the daily running of their establishment.  As he explained, their human resources are indeed their best assets.  Knowing each team member individually is paramount to Dallas.  Take-a-ways indicate that being the boss means caring, sharing, leading, nurturing, and mentoring.  Mentoring also means letting go of staff who are underperforming or need to move on.  ShillingBridge is, without a doubt, a family run business that is professional, forward looking, innovative, and creative.  Dallas is firm in his belief that their businesses in Lincoln and Pawnee City provide the best quality for patrons, paramount of which is (in addition to high quality foods) top-notch service. His wait staff is developed with the idea that each server is in business for himself or herself.  At first, this seems rather odd since the restaurant is the business, yet upon further reflection, there is real merit in that line of thought.  Servers that embrace that entrepreneurial mindset are far more successful.  Ownership of ones’ attitude, appearance, details to attention, and customer orientation allow motivated servers to earn up to $6,000 more annually based upon a study commissioned by Dallas and his sister.

Long before 2002 when 9 acres of grapevines were planted, the journey began on the family farm where 35 acres now produce an array of wines, beers, and incredibly delicious pork and other farm-to-table goodies.  They even cure their own bacon, smoke their own hams, in addition to making cheese, and vegetable infusions for specialty drinks.

Of notable mention, SchillingBridge has the distinct honor of being the first Winery / Microbrewery combination to open not only in Nebraska, but also first in the nation!  Another notable mention is that one of their early entries in the winemaking world of competitions stole the show during an International Wine & Spirts Competition in Los Angeles.  Their 2008 Edelweiss vintage hit GOLD at the 2009 competition. Their Gold medal winner beat out vintners from Germany, France, and others from around the world.

Under the direction of their father, the Pawnee City facility offers events, tastings, incredible food, a dinner theater and a summer music series.  Affordably priced, and set in an incredible location. 

Dallas practices what he says.  He will gather up his team and take excursions to their Pawnee City facility to explore and share new ideas.  These trips are a means to build team member awareness and development.  Dallas has thought about offering continuing education training for the right individuals that have the desire to deliver the best in service and food, as well as long-term career development. 

His turnover rate has remained at least a third lower than industry trends which he attributes to the family atmosphere one receives working at SchillingBridge.  The same family feeling is extended to patrons of their establishment.  It is not uncommon for Dallas to sit at a table of guests to share stories and a brew when invited. 

Talent development is a major component for Dallas and his sister at SchillingBridge.  This, in addition to made-from-scratch foods that are excellent and farm-to-table fresh, one surely understands why this young entrepreneur and his sister are passionately helping to drive their family’s success into the future!

Thank you Dallas for opening your doors and sharing your approach to talent development and leadership with ATD Lincoln - it was a great evening! 

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